Hi, I'm Ilana Hakim.

I'm a product designer, 
with very rich experience 
in software development & product.





#Product Owner




- Designed the UI (OCU) for military Unmanned Ground  Vehicles (UGVs), 
  including the creation of
icons & design system, ~ 1 year

- Managed successful customer sessions, inc. quick ideation & prototyping 

- Managed requirements (Business Analyst / Product Owner), ~ 2 years

- Designed successful changes (UX & technical) for complex screens

- Initiated UI/UX work process , wrote procedures for UI development

Lead reoccurring KT sessions & mentored others on UI/UX

- Designed usability Improvements, new icons & style, adopted by Core

- Belonged to the Elite Experts Group in amdocs

- Lead a UI development team 

- Developed widgets in React (HTML/JS) , CSS/SCSS


- AutoDidactic

- Innovative

- Out of the box Thinker

- Positive Attitude

- Visual Thinker

- Diviner (Designer & Developer)

- Customer Oriented

- Mentorer

- Creative, Artistic, Sketcher (ink & water color)